What is Diabetes?

12/1/2013 OChatter

Hello, what effects does Diabetes have in my feet? Another word, what are the symptoms?

Diabetes can over time cause many complications in different parts of the body specially with uncontrolled blood sugar can have major damages to their organs. Diabetic Neurapathy is very common in type 1 & type 2 diabetes. The symptoms of Diabetic Neurapathy can vary from one person to another. But majority of them experience numbness , tingling or burning sensation in their feet. It is very important for Diabetic patients to have their feet checked by their podiatrist routinely to prevent further damages to their feet such as diabetic ulcers in the feet , diabetic infection,& peripheral vascular desease in the feet. If any of these diabetic issues are neglected in the feet , the patient may end up having amputation of the foot or enter leg.

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